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"Company X" is a US-based global enterprise investing in fiber to the sites as part of its strategy for penetration of broadband access in developing countries.


-Conventional software available in the market is used to map the audited infrastructure through desktop working which does not give a true picture of as-built infrastructure

-Audits are done manually which track and trace of snags and discrepancies highlighted during the audit is extremely difficult

-On field performance of the auditors cannot be monitored on a real-time basis

-Location of the spot audits is difficult to maintain which creates difficulties in revisits

-Test results of sections are kept separately which is harder to analyze and trace for future record


Joyn with its product J-Survey conducted the audit which was the first of its kind in the market offering the following advantages:

As-built infrastructure was possible to be mapped by field auditors through J-Survey mobile app with a customized symbol library with geotagged pictures and videos

Spots audits checklist through field app with geo-tagged pictures and videos

Real-time upload of OTDR results with visibility on the GIS dashboard

Assignment of snags and monitoring closure of the same through task management modules

Snags dashboards with geotagged list and visibility of spots where snags were identified with pictorial evidence

Journey plan assigned to the field auditors on a daily basis

Project monitoring, risks, and issues dashboards for real-time visibility of project

Multiple dashboards extended to view them as built infrastructure, cell sites with fiber extended, potential sites, right of ways, network elements deployed, audit performance, etc.


The audit was conducted seamlessly without any conflicts. Timings of audits significantly improved and the project closed well within timelines. 98% reduction in paper work only 2% work done manually on monthly reports. Clear visibility of network elements, infrastructure as laid, BoQs, and Cell Sites connected gave on-ground visibility. 70% cost of audit reduced as compared to if J-Survey was not used.

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