Institute of Space Technology (IST)

Joyn and Institute of Space Technology sign collaboration MoU

The Institute of Space Technology (IST) has the skilled and qualified resources necessary to bridge the gap between academia and industry, promoting innovation and growth in line with market requirements. With expertise in the areas of electrical, space sciences, Remote Sensing and GIS, computer and data sciences, and Joyn's strong presence globally, a linkage can be established to provide resources and services to today's technology-driven market. Collaboration encourages students to develop a wide range of skills through internships and industry projects. This experience provides students with the opportunity to acquire both technical knowledge and business acumen, as well as hone their soft skills.

Joyn and IST keeping in view the synergies that can be formed signed an MoU to collaborate in multiple areas including but not limited to:

  • Collaborative research initiatives in the fields of Computer Science, Telecommunications, Information Technology, and Data Science.
  • Professional development programs for industry professionals and students.
  • Establishment of a Data Science and Analytics Center to meet increasing demands.
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